Sluss Realty

Sluss Realty Company was established in 1971. In more than 52 years we have earned a reputation unsurpassed in quality service, hard work, and dedication to our customers. We are the leading locally owned real estate sales organization with two offices serving Richland, Crawford, Ashland, Knox, Morrow, Huron and Marion Counties.

At Sluss Realty, our 62 highly trained sales associates are skilled negotiators. They will prepare a market analysis to help price your home so you can realize the best return on your investment. Sluss Realty sales professionals are skilled in all types of financing whether it’s residential, commercial, or investment. Their main goal is to craft a fair transaction in the least amount of time possible for our clients.

Our staff knows how to guide our clients through what seems like the paper maze of property sales. Each sales associate keeps up-to-date on current practices with ongoing training and informational programs. We cooperate with all Brokers and adhere to all Codes of Ethics in every community we serve. The key to our success is teamwork!

We dominate advertising in North Central Ohio and have an unmatched social media and online presence.

If you are considering relocating in the future or just have a question concerning real estate, don't hesitate to call or stop by one of our two locations. We personally guarantee the highest degree of professionalism.

Gerald Bix Sluss II