Danielle Holt
Danielle Holt

Danielle, a Galion native, graduated from Galion High school where she was recruited to play college Volleyball for Division 1 Kent State.  The ability to be recruited and play any Division 1 sport speaks volumes of Danielle’s skills, discipline, courage, and endurance.  Along with a rigorous sports schedule, she maintained an excellent academic history and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, then returned to college, and has now been a registered nurse for the last 7 years. Most recently, she was selected as 1 of 4 volleyball players in the history of Kent State to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Danielle does not give up on her goals and most certainly will not give up on yours.  As a team player that will offer her professional advice and stand by your side every step of the way, she will help you reach your dream of homeownership.  Danielle has been a part of renovating homes with her parents and 4 siblings since she was 6 years old.  She knows the trials and tribulations of home ownership and decided to take that experience to the next level by becoming a Realtor. “I was inspired to become a Realtor after purchasing my first home in June.  I knew my knowledge and experience would be essential to families that have the same dreams.”  Danielle also loves spending time with her son, Easton, her dog Koko, attending auctions & garage sales, as well as completing home improvement projects in her new house.

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