Chloe Shea
Chloe Shea

Meet Chloe Shea...  Chloe was born and raised in Mansfield, she is a  graduate of Mansfield City schools and enjoys family time with her daughter.
Chloe was inspired to become a real estate agent when she and her family purchased their home.  She believes that her ability to combine her organizational skills, from her business management education and experience, with her customer service experience, she can smoothly help families through the buying and selling process every step of the way.
Along with her customer service and management experience, Chloe is an artist with an eye for design which takes her skills to the next level in real estate.  By helping families properly stage their home, they will gain better exposure and appeal to a broader market.  She will provide tips and tools that will make homes more appealing, resulting in more sales.


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