Sheila L. Sipes-Jones
Sheila L. Sipes-Jones

Sheila has lived in the Mansfield area most of her life, graduating from Malabar High School in 1984 and obtaining her Bachelors and Master's Degrees in Education from Ashland University.  Upon graduation, she has enjoyed a teaching career, married her husband Rob Jones and has raised 3 wonderful children, Kyle, Michael, and Kiersten.

Sheila's passion to help people has driven her to be an incredible teacher at the middle school and college levels throughout her career.  As an 8th-grade math teacher, OSU Professor instructing Education students to an Adjunct Faculty at North Central State College, Sheila has always and will go beyond the call of duty to ensure her students gain the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their chosen career paths.  She is committed to their learning and is rewarded by their success.  

Sheila decided to expand her career and take this passion a step further to help people when they want to buy and/or sell their home.  As one of the largest life decisions, Sheila hopes she can provide you with complete information and extensive customer service, therefore, making you feel completely comfortable & secure throughout the entire process.

Sheila's promise to you:  "My customers/clients are my priority.  I am responsive.  I don’t take on more than I can handle, it would not be fair to you or my conscience."

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